Welcome to the unique world of Tarax Infinity, where incredible pieces of Nature are captured in exquisite paperweights and decorative accessories.

Thanks to you, with your special affinity for the real and natural, Tarax has become the world's leading producer of affordable, collectible Nature and floral paperweights and accessories.

Our exclusive collection features the widest selection of natural and preserved embedments. Our signature item - an impossibly whole dandelion puff paperweight, is the most recognized and fascinating paperweight in the world.

Since 1988, Tarax has been the exclusive beneficiary of artist and inventor Tom Clarke's patented methods and tools, developed especially to create these timeless and memorable gifts and collectibles.

We thank you for visiting with us and sincerely hope that you will be captivated by the simple treasures embedded in our paperweights.

Who can capture a wish on a wind? Tarax can.

Imagine. Remember.

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