Inventor and artist Tom Clarke, developed the patented methods and the tools to craft this special collection of paperweights. Think Tarax and images of paperweights with real preserved Nature and floral embedments immediately come to mind - each a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Our very name Tarax Infinity, is synonymous with Nature paperweights, and is derived from the words taraxacum officinale, the dandelion genus and our signature product. Collectors are always amazed at our ability to embed a full and perfect dandelion puff, so incredibly fragile, in a completely solid medium - crystal clear PolyQuartz®.

Tarax has also developed its own methods of preserving real flowers - roses and pansies among others - so that they can be embedded with all their vibrant colors and textures intact. Exquisite butterflies and insects, sparkling rocks and minerals, as well as marine embedments, enhance the collection.

Since 1988, Tarax has been the exclusive beneficiary of artist and inventor Tom Clarke's patented methods and tools, developed especially to create these timeless, memorable gifts and collectibles.

Many of our embedments are found naturally, in abundance. Others, such as our incredible "fresh-picked" flowers were grown by us or by commercial growers. The best of them are selected for our demanding and proprietary process to preserve and embed them in durable crystal PolyQuartz®, retaining their exquisite beauty and appeal.

We are very careful in our harvesting, but mindful that minor imperfections are inevitable and natural, and are Nature's signature of authenticity.

Tarax Infinity is the world's leading producer of Nature and floral paperweights. We are proud to be a part of a retail network that includes fine gift stores and catalogs and some of the most prestigious museum and arboretum gift shops, a testament to the artistic appeal and production standards of our paperweights.

Whether you buy for your own collection or as a gift for someone special, the pleasure will last for years to come.

® PolyQuartz is a registered trademark of Universal PolyQuartz Inc